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Solves the common problems in procurement and build a comprehensive repository of ethical and environmental product data.

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cloudBuy's sourcing solutions provides monitoring of business ethics in your supply chain.

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Enables large organisations to define where the efforts on carbon reduction should be concentrated.

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Cover a very wide range from good labour practices, through environmental and sustainability across to business ethics.

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GreenInsight quickly provides the information required to either match the products that you purchase at item level, or to classify those items that could not be matched to a sufficient level of detail to calculate the carbon footprint.

This is then combined with the publicly verified information for products and industries to build up an organisations environmental impact from the bottom up.

As data improves over time, the accuracy of the analysis improves, however the baseline data is maintained so that an organisation has an accurate starting point.

About Green Insight

About GreenInsight
Savings through sustainability

GreenInsight uses two sets of inputs:

  • Your item level purchasing information.
  • Product level environmental information.

cloudBuy have now classified over 3 million commonly purchased products, and calculated carbon footprints for those products that have not already measured their carbon footprint. This allows us to build up your organisation’s carbon footprint from the bottom up, based on every product that you purchase.

For most organisations: in the same way that your energy bill is only a small fraction of your costs, it is a similar fraction of your carbon footprint and other environmental impacts.

Finding out the areas that have the largest impact is the first step to making meaningful reductions.

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